Groundbreaking new title sheds light on climate change from the perspective of the world’s most prominent researchers

MAY 23, 2023 – Author Volker Mothes, President of Fidegogard Inc.,has announced the official release of his new book,

‘The Best Researchers in the World Present the Right Strategies toPrevent a Climate Catastrophe’.

At Fideogogard Inc., Mothes and his team work to research, invent, anddevelop revolutionary, scalable technologies for global companies,authorities, and other customers.

With the release of ‘The Best Researchers in the WorldPresent the Right Strategies toPrevent a Climate Catastrophe’,

Mothes is giving the world a look atclimate change from the perspective of theplanet’s greatest researchers. Readers willalso gain insights from Mothes includinginnovative ideas on reducing the impacts ofclimate change.

“We have developed many groundbreaking ideas that will change the worldsignificantly,” said Mothes.

In his new book, Mothes shares

  • how to reverse temperature increases,
  • prevent the melting of the poles,
  • stop the rising of sea levels,
  • how to minimize or eliminate tornado damage,
  • how to build earthquake-resistant houses,
  • and how to eliminate water crises around the world.

The release of ‘The Best Researchers in the World Present the RightStrategies to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe’ comes at a time whengovernments around the world are encouraging people to considerFidegogard Inc.’s research and solutions.

As an expert in the field of climate change, Mothes is pleased to share hisfindings with the world.

In his new book, readers gain cutting-edge insight into climate changeand how to prevent its impacts around the world.

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